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FXBG Coffee Club

What's the Deal!

What you Get!

  • Try new and exciting coffees (not available to the general public)

  • Learn new and interesting facts about coffees around the world

  • Meet and chat with other coffee enthusiasts

  • Featured Coffees: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, a very special Colombia (subject to change based on availability)

Cupping Dates

5/15, 7/15, 8/12, 9/16, 10/14, 11/18

  • Collectable Mug ($30 value)

  • Personal cupping spoon ($10 value)

  • Personal coffee tasting notebook and pen ($15 value)

  • 6 in house cuppings complete with notes on growing region, details about the farm and tasting notes ($180 value)

  • Fun tasting of Vietnamese, cuban, and Turkish coffees ($45 value)

  • Be the first to receive new coffees as they come in throughout the year (priceless)

  • 15% discount on retail coffee bags

  • 20% discount on Chemex/Syphon in house pour overs *between 12pm-3pm*

Membership: $80

Total Value: $280+

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FXBG Coffee Club

Registration fee is $80


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