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"Billy, listen to me. White men can't jump."

Welcome to 25 30 Espresso's first drinks of the month!

We will be highlighting a coffee drink and a cocktail to go through out the month. These are drinks that we love and hope you love as well!

The drinks that we are showcasing are drinks that we think will bridge or transition you into fall.

First drink, is for all you chai fans! It's a blended dirty spiced chai. You get the coffee that you need and fall flavor you are craving all in a chilly drink to get you to the autumn.

The second drink is for those that are looking for something that is packing a little more punch.

It is a cocktail that is called "white men can't jump" because it is a white colored cocktail. The whiskey is a white whiskey which is actually the whiskey before it goes in to the barrel to age. It also has house made clove simple syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice,

chocolate and orange bitters and topped with a foam (foam is optional, but I highly recommend trying it). This drink is equally autumn-esque and refreshingly light to get you through the humid nights of the rest of the summer.

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