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Location, Location, Location

Have you ever wondered where coffee grows?

Here is a hint... it's in our name... 25 30 Espresso. I know what you are thinking, "oh, I thought that was the address." It is actually the latitude coordinates for the region around the globe that is able to grow coffee. To make it a bit simpler think between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Where is the first place that you think of when you think of coffee being grown? Do you think of Colombia, Brazil, or Costa Rica? You are correct, these are some of the places that coffee grows. Coffee grows in a lot more places than you may think. It grows in Africa, Asia, North America, and of course South America. Some of our favorite coffees come from Africa, specifically Kenya and Ethiopia.

Do you like fuller bodied coffees? Maybe of a darker roast? Then you are probably all about the the South American and Asian coffees. South American coffees would be Guatemala, Peru, and Honduras (BTW we sell these online and in our store!!) The Asian coffees that you would like would be Sumatra, Java, and the up and coming popular producers are Vietnam, India, and China.

Do you love lighter body or maybe even a little fruity? Then you will probably like African and North American coffees. Yes, I did say North American. You are probably thinking that North America doesn't grow coffee, but it does Mexico, Hawaii, and Jamaica to name a few. Coffee is grown all over Africa, you are probably most familiar with Ethiopian coffee, but you can get coffee from Kenya, Uganda, Yemen, and Rwanda.

Coffee grows mainly in forests or jungles. It often grows on mountain sides. The higher the coffee is grown the sweeter it gets. The coffees grown in valleys and in flat land tend to have more of a nutty, more chocolate notes to it.

So coffee can really only grow in certain places around the world. We know people have tried to grow coffee in their home. We would love to grow some coffee with in the walls of 25 30 Espresso. Let us know if you have a green thumb!

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